you'll be sound asleep

Relax and listen to calming music in the most comfortable way possible

Sleep Better

Introducing Dozeband™

The Dozeband Wireless Headphones are designed for the most comfortable listening experience. Their soft material and flat integrated headphones make them so cozy, you can even wear them to sleep.

Perfect for relaxing in bed watching Netflix, podcasts, meditations or listening to white noise while you sleep

✔️ Thin integrated speakers with a crisp, clear quality

✔️ Wireless connectivity to any Bluetooth device

✔️ All night battery life & machine washable

I love relaxing in bed with my Dozeband. I feel so cozy, blocking the world out, while watching Netflix or listening to podcasts. I'm obsessed!

Liliana C.

I purchased these due to insomnia, so I can listen to guided meditations or sleep music when I go to bed. The headband is soft, comfortable and fits nicely.

Jeremy K.

I just love these headphones! I am a night shift nurse so listening to a
thunderstorm or blizzard when I am sleeping during day hours helps me
block out everything!

Hannah J.