New Music – Final EP

So we’re pretty proud of this. Final DOZE jams on our last 3 song EP. Click Below.



Kingdom Cum


New tune completed with the help of Q Division Studios in Somerville MA. Thanks to Matthew Beaudoin for capturing the sound for this tune. Also, we couldn’t have done it without the help of Converse Rubbertracks.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.16.00 PM


Kingdom Cum


More Music – More Recording – More Shows

Hey everybody,

In addition to our opportunity to record a single at Q Division Studios with Converse, DOZE was back in the studio yesterday laying down new material at Hanging Horse Studio in Norwood Massachusetts. I’ll be posting a teaser on the site tomorrow but here are a few shots from yesterday. We also have two shows coming up in March where we’ll be debuting new music:

3/14 at Video Underground in Boston

3/27 at Lit Lounge in NYC

photo 2

photo 1

—See you at the shows!

Converse Rubber Tracks

Hey Everyone

As we’re shaking off the winter cold over here we would like to share some really cool news that we’re excited about. DOZE has been fortunate enough to been selected to record at Q Division Studios in Somerville for Converse’s Boston pop-up for their Rubber Tracks initiative. We get to record one of our tracks and we’ll be able to share it with you soon as a single before our upcoming EP.

Screen Shot 2014-02-09 at 12.16.00 PM

Show updates and more recording to be announced soon!



Shows – Music – Life

So yes…If you were wondering…DOZE is in fact alive and well! We will have new music and a Boston and/or Cambridge show to kick off the New Year.

Here’s proof!



The show will be finalized soon, expect the last week of January, so I’ll have all the information for you ASAP.

See you then




“The Dirts” EP On Youtube And New Music On The Way

After the last show on 9/29 DOZE has taken a short break to work on new music. Given this extra time we’ve thrown “The Dirts” EP up on Youtube for your listening pleasure. That’s definitely one of our mediums for checking out new music. Check it out below and let us know what you think!


Show 9/29: Presented by Vanyaland and Illegally Blind

Welcome back

So later this month, September 29th to be exact, we’re going to be opening a show at the Middle East Upstairs with some of our friends from the 2013 Boston Fuzzstival, Boogie Boy Metal Mouth and Guillermo Sexo. It’s Guillermo’s album release after going on tour this month. The whole night is being presented by Vanyaland and Illegally Blind. Check out the flyer below and click to join the event.


Earbits Radio

So you probably noticed that button on our menu that reads “LISTEN TO US EARBITS FREE ONLINE RADIO“. Want to know what Earbits is and why we’re so glad to be a part of the Earbits family?

Screen Shot 2013-08-26 at 4.06.45 PM

They say it best:

Earbits was designed with one goal in mind – to make it dead simple for artists and music lovers to find each other, and create meaningful connections. Earbits is streaming music built by musicians and music lovers, for musicians and music lovers.  Our team of experts brings you the best independent music from around the world, hand-curated and served up hot with all the trimmings. You’ll find great high resolution photos, live show information, band merchandise, and plenty of social features to share the experience with your friends.”

Really, if you’re musician, music junkie, or you just believe in supporting independent art, do yourself a favor and check out Earbits Radio. They’ve been excellent to work with and the fact that they actually care about music shows in the work that they do and the music they cultivate.

Also, we’ve updated the website a little bit. You’ll find the music and videos now built into this site, especially our videos from the Boston Fuzzstival:

Oh Yeah…Let me know if the changes make for a more seamless internet journey.

“Agendas” and “Spilt Milk” – Boston Fuzzstival Videos

Hey everyone

Check this out. One of our friends just passed along these excellent videos of DOZE at the Boston Fuzzstival. The videos are of Spilt Milk which was somewhere early in the set and then our closing tune Agendas. Both songs are off of our The Dirts EP. What a great night.

DOZE MAIL: New Email List Sign Up

Hello everyone,

DOZE has great news! We’ve just got our very own email list up and running. With your help we can bring this music to Boston and beyond. Signing up will get you the most up-to-date information on upcoming shows, music, merch, historic events, and of course exclusive content only for you. Sound cool? So if you’re into our music, our art, and what we’re about, or interested in what we got planned for the future please sign up below!

Also, huge thanks to Blaise Lucey for his help fashioning this blog into something real and helping out with setting up this very important list. His advice for creative people and groups like DOZE have been invaluable. Check out his blog HERE or below.

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